Who We Are


Who We Are: Experts in Community Design and Development

We are a community of doers – of adventurers, who thrive on the power of ideas and believe in the integrity of imagination…we are experts in community design and development.

TST is a professional team of inspired dream-makers... a collective of talented individuals who love what they do. We are engineers, planners, landscape architects, surveyors, writers, marketers, designers, artists, experience programmers and strategists. Founded in 1977, we have grown our professional services firm into an award-winning, new world organization that is well-prepared to address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

  • civil engineering
  • land and community planning
  • surveying
  • landscape architecture
  • experience design
  • sustainability and LEED
  • catalytic development
  • marketing and brandscaping
  • writing/communication
  • development strategy/execution
  • project/construction services
  • dreamscaping