Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy: Visioneering, experience-based communities, dream-makers

We believe in collaboration and the positive effects of growing ideas from inception, through design and into a constructed reality. Our proprietary process of visioneering allows us to unite with our partners and clients to map their dreams, aspirations and goals, creating a path to reality for any project.

Whether we are engaged in creating the experience-based communities of tomorrow, providing the civil engineering design for an infrastructure project, or the surveying and construction services to realize a project dream, TST is a great choice. A talented and dedicated staff brings decades of experience and a focus on world-class service to every project... large or small. Matching the best team to each project need creates successful outcomes that go beyond our client’s expectations and traditional levels of thinking. This is the culture and philosophy that enables us to call ourselves dream-makers.... what is your dream?

  • civil engineering
  • land and community planning
  • surveying
  • landscape architecture
  • experience design
  • sustainability and LEED
  • catalytic development
  • marketing and brandscaping
  • writing/communication
  • development strategy/execution
  • project/construction services
  • dreamscaping